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HORSE MEAT: trailer about stolen horses in Argentina


Investigation from Animal Welfare Foundation

13 August 2019: while our team is investigating the illegal trade of horses in Argentina, we learn about another outrageous case. More than 400 malnourished horses have been found on a pasture near Buenos Aires. 25 horses are already dead, 4 are dying.
The owner of this pasture supplies EU-approved slaughterhouses participating in the project “Respectful Life” of the Belgian Meat Federation FEBEV. His name is Raul Onorato. He has been dealing with stolen horses for many years. Onorato has a long criminal record but, with his son and son-in-law, he continues to supply the slaughterhouses Lamar and Infriba, where the European importers buy their horsemeat.

In 2013, we first reported about stolen horses found in EU-approved slaughterhouses in Argentina.
Involved in these crimes are the same persons again and again: the Onorato family, police officers and employees of the veterinary authority SENASA.

VIDEO about stolen horses in Argentina

(source: Animal Welfare Foundation)


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