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Newborn foal found on a cliff, now at IHP Rescue Centre


About ten days ago two young hikers, Irene Mascagni and Teodoro Lanucara, came across a foal just a few days old, helplessly entangled in undergrowth on a cliff. The mother had presumably abandoned her foal once she realised the impossibility of reaching her.

Irene and Teodoro immediately got to work and after more than an hour managed to extricate the little one, rather battered and terrified, but thankfully alive and conscious. Christened Nina by her rescuers, the foal was taken to where she could be given first aid and a few days’ rest, and was then, today, brought to the IHP Rescue Centre.

Nina will be slowly integrated into a group of horses; it will take her a while to get used to it all, given that she is understandably disorientated by her experience, and to start with, she will need to be bottle fed with artificial milk.

We urgently need donations to help us to cover the costs of helping Nina, along with Grifo and Garrapata, two other recent arrivals at the Rescue Centre. In spite of our financial constraints, we found it impossible to refuse aid to these three urgent cases. All donations, no matter how modest, will be of vital help.


- DONATE NOW: http://www.horseprotection.it/sostienici.asp
- Set up your own fundraising effort for Nina
- Spread the word on social media or through email and messaging

IHP wishes to thank Irene and Teodoro, members of Live Wildly, and ACME srl for the powdered milk at a very generous discount.