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Carrese di Chieuti (FG): a man dies, run over by horses and oxen


A man died on Sunday during one of the many folkloristic events that still involve the exploitation of animals (specifically oxen and horses).

The 'Carrese' involves four carts drawn by oxen racing against each other, flanked by two horsemen with prods to 'direct' them and followed by another four horsemen with as many poles and prods to 'push the cart'. All this in the midst of the crowd, without any protective barrier and even with the Police Force acting as the ringleader of an event that does not comply with the Ministry of Health Ordinance on historical events and is therefore ILLEGAL.
As if that were not enough, the Carrese receives the patronage of the Apulia Region and the province of Foggia, and since January a request has been underway to have it recognised as an event of cultural interest.
All this sounds absurd but it really happens, contributing to the Italian reputation of a country that does not respect animal rights in the slightest.

Already in the past there have been several accidents (several times oxen have disastrously fallen during the route), but complaints and appeals to stop this event have fallen on deaf ears. Until today's tragedy.


VIDEO - Carrese di Chieuti (FG): man dies when run over by horses and oxen (WARNING: images may offend your sensibilities)