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Historic reenactments involving horses - another death on the track


(2 October 2017)

Moie (AN): the recent revision of the regulations governing palios has claimed yet another victim.

Yesterday morning a horse taking part in one of the "Moie Medieval Joust" events suffered a serious accident, resulting in euthanasia.

This morning we received confirmation of the circumstances of the incident, after contacting Dr Stefano Sgariglia, veterinary surgeon present at the practice runs. He explained that the horse had suffered a massive fracture of the radius bone, and was taken to the Camerino clinic, where the gravity of the injury proved too great to attempt any form of repair. The horse was therefore euthanised.

IHP has written to the Ministry of Health, Department of Animal Health and Veterinary Medicine, requesting appropriate investigations into the "Moie Medieval Joust", which is organised by the Associazione Equestre Vallesina: https://www.facebook.com/giostremedioevali.moie

IHP requested in particular the investigation of:

. whether the Ministry Regulation of 1 August 2017 had been respected (extension and revision of the extraordinary emergency order of 21 July 2011 and successive changes);

. the existence of an antidoping regulation, including the proper relative checks, given that we find no trace of this in the regulation published on the website

. the presence of a veterinary ambulance for the duration of the event, including practice runs.

Sonny Richichi, IHP President, said: "This umpteenth fatal episode confirms the wickedness of the decision by the Ministry of Health to allow once again the use of thoroughbred horses in Jousts, quantaines and similar other historical reenactments and traditional events, without putting in place proper measures to guarantee the welfare of the animals and relevant checks and enforcements such as those requested by IHP.
Following the death at Foligno on 18 June of Wind of Passion, we now find ourselves reporting yet another one. How many more deaths have to occur before the Ministry of Health actually listens to us?"