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A story with a happy ending: Romina and Selvaggia guaranteed their forever home with IHP


Romina and Selvaggia, legally seized on a charge of cruelty in Lucca in 2012, have now been entrusted permanently to IHP, so theirs is a story with a happy ending.

Romina, one of our most senior guests, and Selvaggia were brought to the IHP Rescue Centre in a lorry provided by the Corpo Forestale dello Stato, who had carried out the legal seizure.

Ironically, these two horses had been living on a “model” farm - which had then badly deteriorated. And outrageously, the Lucca authorities actually demanded that IHP forego reimbursement of any costs whatsoever connected with the case. This position has since been adopted by other County Prosecution services, but our protests, via the press, have not made the slightest difference.
We are delighted with the news about Romina and Selviaggia because the seizing of such animals is not a definitive matter until such time as the permanent confiscation order is issued, so there is always a risk that the horse can be returned to the owners, which just goes to show the paradoxical nature of our legal system very clearly.
Our supporters are crucial to IHP – they make more happy endings possible for mistreated horses. IHP does not receive any government funding for the work it carries out, and relies solely on donations.
Romina and Selvaggia now lead a peaceful happy life in the company of other horses at our Centre, and are also part of our distance adoption programme, which means our supporters can contribute to their keep and care, and visit them from time to time.

Press Release 6 December 2012