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Horses emergency in Lucoli (AQ): IHP lodges an urgent complaint with the Prefect and the Local Health Authority (ASL)


(30 gennaio 2017)

This morning the President of IHP Italian Horse Protection (non-profit organization) lodged an urgent complaint with the Prefect of L’Aquila and the Local Health Authority ASL 1 Avezzano-Sulmona-L’Aquila about a group of horses that have been isolated for months in the area of Lucoli. The association had been working for a few days on this matter when suddenly, last Friday, the situation took an unexpected turn: it seems that some farmers popped up claiming to be the owners of the horses and they announced their intention to take them to the slaughterhouse this week.

“Illegal horse grazing is a common practice for many unscrupulous farmers – declares Richichi. Besides causing damage to agriculture, it represents a violation of various regulations, as mentioned before. Animals are left free to reproduce, without receiving any care or forage: in this way the farmer does not have any expense and even if some head of cattle dies of starvation, falls prey to wolves or gets run over on the street, in any case the farmer will always earn from the sale to the slaughterhouse of some remaining heads of cattle. Any possible penalty is derisory and often very difficult to be applied even by local authorities”

In order to hinder these illegalities a synergy should be created between institutions, police, local authorities and associations. This would help to manage simultaneously and in the best way the application of judicial measures (preventive or precautionary sequestration) and also the operations of capture, transfer, identification and care for animal welfare.

IHP has requested the competent Authorities an urgent action in order to apply preventive sequestration for the already located animals, that are dangerously wandering close to the road and close to the remains of the helicopter crashed a few days ago in Campo Felice. They also asked for help to locate the other two groups of isolated horses, in order to organize their rescue.

Foto: https://report-age.com/