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Horse racing, a horse dies in San Rossore (Pisa)


(24 January 2017)

6 years hold race horse Burgundy Ball was killed in a serious accident occurred during a jump racing competition which took place last Thursday.

The moment the horse fell is visible at minute 1:30 of this video (WARNING: This VIDEO contains graphic content and may be upsetting to some people)

Towards the end of the video – minute 2:08 - race horse Azamourday is also involved in a fall, luckily this time without serious consequences.

At the end of the race horse Fantastic Daniel also appears to be struggling, moving slowly.

<<Another victim of a so-called “sport" in which the horse is forced to take part against his will – according to Sonny Richichi, IHP President - and whose death is quickly dismissed as an unavoidable casualty. Our hope is that the public opinion will become fully aware of the reality of horse racing and will forcefully oppose it>>