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IHP will not be attending the Verona Horse Fair


(3 November 2016)

This year IHP will not be attending the Verona Horse Fair, due to unavailability of space

For the first time since its inception in 2009, this year IHP will be unable to attend the Verona Horse Fair, one of the most popular equestrian international show. The event management informed us on the unavailability of free space, and since we can’t afford to pay for a commercial stand, we will be unable to participate.

Over the last few years, the presence of IHP in such events as Verona Horse Fair was an opportunity to apprise visitors and many industry insiders of its activities regarding equine protection and combating of equine ill-treatment and abuse.
At our stand, IHP volunteers provided information and suggestions to visitors interested in learning about horses and the dark world of horse exploitation.

We would like to thank Dr. Armando Di Ruzza (the event manager for Fieracavalli) and the association Project Islander for allowing IHP to participate during previous years for free.