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Palio at Fucecchio: IHP lodges a complaint with the NAS


(24 May 2016)

On 22 May one of the horses running in the palio race in Fucecchio (Province of Florence) had an accident. The horse, named DIJB ridden by Andrea Mari for the Raimonda Quarter, was in the first heat of the races. Eye witnesses say that the horse seemed to just collapse heavily to the ground as he came down the finishing straight.

After about ten minutes of first aid assistance, during which the horse appeared unable to get to its feet, the horse was taken to the medical unit at the “I Greppi” facility, belonging to Dr Armando del Rosso. Over the hours which followed there were rumours that the horse had died, but later in the day the first communication from the organisers themselves was given out, reassuring everyone that DIJB was in “good condition”.

We have had to wait until today for more precise information regarding the incident. However, the latest bulletin, issued by the Comune to the local press offices, limits itself to stating that the horse is well, with no explanation of what happened on the race track or the causes of that most unusual fall.
The Comune’s note declares that: “the veterinary committee of the palio, composed of Dr Iacopo Secco and Dr Mario Angelone…..finds in favour of a complete recovery. This prognosis is reached on the basis of clinical tests and analyses. Djib presents no sign of any physical injury, nor any internal damage as a result of the incident on the race track”.
The same tone is adopted by the Mayor in this video interview:

Considering this all to be a clear example of lack of transparency, IHP has decided to present a complaint to the NAS, requesting the records of the relevant examinations of the horse before and after the race, as well as the certificates issued by the vets, plus the results of any anti-doping tests that have been carried out.

We note that in 2014 some horses running in the Fucecchio palio tested positive for doping. See article.

Palio at Fucecchio: horse dies, unreported, following injuries on 9 March

(PHOTO: Il Tirreno ediz. Empoli)