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Leave a legacy

A legacy of love, respect and compassion

No, Italian Horse Protection is in the category of ONLUS, the full amount left in its favour is tax exempt. This means that every penny goes to the work that benefits the horses.

Do I have to go to a notary or a solicitor to make my legacy?
Not necessarily. You can write your own legacy without going to a solicitor. It can be simply written out, on ordinary paper, but must conform to three important rules:
1. it must be written out by hand by the donor him or herself, thus not on a computer, typewriter, or in braille);
2. it must bear the full date (day/month/year):
3. it must be signed with the full name (forename(s) surname) of the donor.

How can I keep a handwritten Will safe from being tampered with by others?
It is advisable to make two copies, and while it is not obligatory, the Will can be placed in safe keeping with a solicitor (usually for a modest cost), to guarantee its safety and integrity. If IHP is named as a beneficiary in the Will, we recommend making two copies, and sending one copy to IHP along with the full name, and address of the solicitor, and keeping the other copy in a safe place.

If you wish, IHP’s notary offers a free and confidential consultation about leaving a legacy to IHP.
For further information, please contact us at:
Telephone: +39 328 6229264
E-mail: ihp@horseprotection.it