...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



Mistral's fairy tale

What I want to tell you is my story. The story of a beautiful friendship that I hope will make you smile.

It all started about 13 years ago....

The first months of my life... a little like those of all horses... mum helping me to stand up for the first time, a nice green meadow on which to run together, playing with other foals... It all sounds nice, doesn't it? Then something happens that I remember vaguely...I was hungry because food was scarce, I was abandoned in a field without shelter, unknown humans captured me and put me with other horses in a big metal box that moved... I was so afraid...where are we going? After a long journey the box stops, caring people drop us off and set us foals free in a paddock...and finally plenty of hay...sweet words whispered.... gentle hands touching us...OK guys, is this heaven? After a while I discover that there is a heaven on earth for horses, and it has a slightly unusual name...like Italian Horse Protection.

Then one day she arrived, clearly not your average human: her mane the colour of my coat, a jaunty walk, a blend of courage and indecision. She is holding a rope and comes close to me. I don’t understand what she wants from me and I’m afraid. She stops, hesitates. The other foals in my herd move away in fear and I stand there, alone. I don’t move.  I lock eyes with her, but she turns and walks away. Then I follow her out of curiosity, she turns to me, speaks mysterious words, almost like an incantation, and begins to caress me. So, our adventure began. I forgot to tell you! Her name is Stefania, and I am Mistral. She chose the name for me, it’s the name of a mighty wind that blows in the south of France and which they say no one can imprison. Just like me!!!

At the beginning of our story, I didn't see her often because she lived far away, but now she is a constant presence in my life. I can't wait to hear her voice calling me, every day she brings me something good to eat and takes care of me.  Sometimes we do things together, sometimes we spend time together without doing or saying anything, just trying to guess each other's thoughts. I always win in the end as I have the gift of reading into her soul, and I can tell if she’s sad or happy; she tries hard to understand my feelings but sometimes she doesn’t succeed perfectly. But I forgive her and to make her understand how much I love her I start nibbling her hair; she pretends she is angry, but her eyes reveal her emotions, she gives me a kiss on my muzzle and starts laughing. That’s when I know that her heart is filled with joy and so is mine.


Mistral comes from the Trequanda requisition, one of the first in which IHP participated. See the story and photos