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Become a Sponsor

Do you own a business? Are you a manager in an association or public body? Please consider sponsoring us: we could, thanks to you, become more effective, and your business could make a decisive ethical footprint by supporting our work for horse welfare!

To contact us please write to ihp@horseprotection.it or call us on +39 328 6229264

Those who have already chosen to help us:


CLABEL designs and builds structures for equestrian facilities and has supplied and built the structure of our infirmary, in November 2014 (see photo-gallery).
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AISPA - Anglo Italian Society for the Protection of Animals

AISPA is a British association which raises funds to support animal welfare associations in Italy. At present AISPA is giving financial support to more than thirty projects in Italy, contributing to the purchase of medicines, surgical equipment and rescue vehicles, plus training projects and the giving out of information.

AISPA has been helping us since 2010 to realise our project for horse welfare, unique in Italy. Thanks to the help of this organisation we have been able to cover some of our costs and therefore help IHP to grow and increase our range of activities.
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