...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...




Our sweet Panda lost his mother when he was only two days old.
At birth, he was a tender little colt, with a dark coat and two white hoops framing his eyes: which is what inspired his name.

When Panda was orphaned we were in the midst of the Colleferro seizure in 2013, where unfortunately we found a devastated situation, with some horses already dead at the time of our intervention and others not surviving the mistreatment. Among them was Panda's mother.
For the first six months, Panda was cared for by a local vet who bottle-fed him and weaned him when he was old enough.
When he was about seven months old, he arrived at our Rescue Centre, where he grew up in a group of his peers and a few 'uncles'.
Over time, Panda became progressively blind due to a bilateral relapsing uveitis, against which the many treatments we gave him did not help. He has adapted to his life as a blind horse thanks to his group, which constantly guides him and allows him to live free in a large field. By choosing to adopt Panda, you will have a very special friend from whom you can learn a lot.