...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...




Spirit comes from Campania and arrived at IHP in 2017. He wandered in a village in the Salerno area, debilitated and starving. He was not microchipped and, unable to trace his owner, the mayor placed him under administrative seizure. He later tested positive for equine infectious anaemia and was therefore placed in isolation as required by law. In the meantime, a pseudo-breeder had turned up, claiming to be the horse's owner, to take it back. But, on learning of the positive test result, he had disappeared. So the municipality, after three months of keeping it in an authorised stable, considering that the situation was no longer sustainable, decreed his slaughter. Just one day before his 'execution', some volunteers alerted IHP: we got the horse surrendered and took him to the IHP Centre authorised for the free management of EIA positive horses.

Since then Spirit has been living free with his herd, all perfectly healthy horses that prove what we have always maintained: equine infectious anaemia poses no danger to either humans or equids, and it makes no sense to maintain laws that risk condemning horses to death for no real reason.

Spirit is special in everything, not just his coat: cheerful, playful, a bit anarchic and very curious!