...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...




Balio arrived at the Rescue Centre in December 2014: it was an amazing Christmas gift, just after our first hard moving. Beautiful, strong, sparkling and brand new, Balio litterally changed our life. Thanks to its forks it became easy to move around big hay bales; with its big wheels and a great power we became able to reach any place, even in deep mud.
You have to know that Balio did much more for us: he helped some old horses, like Petit and Evelina, to stand up from laying down when they were unable to do by themselves. Once our heroic Balio saved Ethereal’s life: she was stuck in the mud after a violent storm. In one word, Balio is our best mate and the best friend of the horses. Its name comes from a legend: Balio was one of two immortal and formidable Achilles’ horses. Check out who the other one is… Xanto.

Balio is the lord of tractors. We would never be able to afford to buy it, that’s why we will always bless the person who effectively cooperated to make this gift come true. However, its maintenance is very expensive and we would like to involve you in its maintenance by creating a team of special sponsors, both for Balio and for Xanto: with a minimum contribution of 20 Euro you can become their guardians at a distance for a whole year. This will allow us to keep them in perfect shape and make them work in the best way possible. Of course you are welcome to meet them personally and, unlike the horses, you can also ride them!

You can support us taking care of Balio and Xanto by a Paypal donation here: