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About Us

IHP is an independent association dedicated to the welfare of all equids. We combat abuse and ill-treatment and strive for a legislative and cultural change that can lead to the recognition of the rights of horses. We also work through factually based awareness raising campaigns.
IHP also rescues equids that have been legally seized by the Authorities on grounds of mistreatment, which IHP hosts at its dedicated Rescue Centre in Volterra (PI).
IHP does not receive any public funding, nor are we reimbursed by the Public Prosecution Offices for the custody of the horses handed over to IHP.

Complaints: We denounce cases of abuse and mistreatment and support authorities in the carrying out the rescue operations.
Investigations: We perform investigative activities to bring to the light situation of equine mistreatment and exploitation.
Rescue: We recover mistreated horses and hosts them at its Rescue Center, where we take care of them by providing mental and physical rehabilitation
Care: thanks to our vets, we taks care of equine seized and hosted at the Rescue Center, providing care and medical treatment to animals in need, paying special attention to their overall well-being.
Rehabilitation: many horses arriving at the Rescue Center have behavioral problems, due to abuse and violence they have suffered. We take care of their psychological rehabilitation to help them to regain their balance and restoring their trust and confidence.
Adoption: Once horses are rehabilitated, we find new homes for them, after thorough scrutiny of potential adopters.
Protection: We promote and support activities for adoption of new equine welfare laws, with the aim of bettering the lives of these animals;
Information and awareness: We seek to better the relationship between humans and horses via spreading information about the essential veterinary and ethological aspects of horse care.

In Italian legislation, horses have no special recognition, even though many consider them as animals who deserve affection, just like dogs and cats: living beings to be loved, respected and protected.
Unfortunately, the current legislation doesn’t recognize this need, felt by so many people., It has no rules governing employment of horses in different areas in which they are employed, leaving them be treated as “consumer goods”.
Equines are the most exploited animals because their use is very diversified: from legal competitions and street racing, pallium, stables, carriages for tourists, circuses, and transport, all the way to slaughter, vivisection and furs.
However, despite all this there are no regulations for protection of equines. Most of these exploitive and abusive practices are carried out without any respect for the harsh lives and suffering of these noble and majestic animals. Current laws are largely insufficient to ensure their protection and to punish those who mistreat and abuse them.

IHP runs Italy’s first Rescue Center for equids, who are legally seized because of mistreatment (Law 189/2004). The Center was recognized by a Ministry of Health Decree in 2009.
At IHP’s Rescue Center, the horses live in freedom and benefit from a rehabilitation programme which addresses both physical and psychological issues. This helps, restoring them to a balanced healthy state.
The horses at the IHP Center, live in a semi-wild state. The Association has created an environment for them that is as close to their natural environment
as possible. They live in herds and graze on very large pastures, and lead a comfortable and natural social life.