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Colleferro: Ministry of Health, Carabinieri and Italian Horse Protection at work in the second phase of the biggest seizure of abused horses in Italian history


(2013, April 18th)

Following the long and difficult rescue operation - financed virtually totally by the voluntary associations IHP, ENPA (National Association for the Protection of Animals) and the Donkey Sanctuary - in which 104 animals were rescued from the hellish conditions and cruelty they endured at Colleferro, Thursday the Ministry of Health, the Carabinieri and the Italian Horse Protection Association went into action once more to save a further three groups of horses in the local districts of Colleferro, Segni and Valmontone (all in the Rome Province).

In all there are around another 30 horses, among them several stallions and many pregnant mares (one foal being born just a few days ago); they will be transferred to a holding centre where they will be microchipped, given veterinary attention and treatment, and – finally – fed.
See the photo gallery (Warning: some images might hurt your sensitivity)

As before, this phase of the operation will be almost entirely financed by the three charity associations: it seems indeed that neither the Ministry of Health, nor the Procura nor the local authorities concerned have sufficient funds to contribute. IHP, ENPA and the Donkey Sanctuary are therefore also involved in a massive economic, logistic and human resources effort. Every single donation, no matter how modest, is vital for the future of these animals, for their food and veterinary care.

As soon as the animals are in fit condition, both physical and with regard to their behaviour, they will be put up for rehoming or distance adoption by the public, via a formal request and subject to certain specific requirements. You can apply by contacting:
tutela.animale@sanita.it (mailto:tutela.animale@sanita.it) in copy to ihp@horseprotection.it (mailto:ihp@horseprotection.it)

Get real time updates on the IHP Facebook page (IHP Italian Horse Protection Association) and on Twitter (@It_HorseProtect).


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