...my treasures do not sparkle they clink,
they shine in the sun and neigh in the night...



PIROSKA: a happy ending story!


Piroska, left to her fate in a field for months, without shelter, but above all without her peers (which makes us really sad since for horses, which are by nature social animals, the herd is life).

We discovered where and how lonely she was from a report and took immediate took action, despite the travelling distance. We found out that her human father was unfortunately no longer able to look after her due to serious health problems and she was left there...  Finally, after a long bureaucratic path - during which Piroska was monitored and cared for by volunteers Paola Volpe and Lidia, whom we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts - we managed to get her into our care and find her a suitable home, where she will be happy and free to run around the pastures with her new four-legged friends who were waiting for her.

Piroska faced a long journey of about 520 km from Campania to Calabria, where our friends Luigi and Francesca welcomed her with open arms.  We chose to break the news at the end of the operations and now... we need help to pay for the transport costs.  The standard rate, as those in the industry well know, is around 1 euro per km for both the outward journey and the return journey...  Who can donate "travel miles" to our Piroska to help improve her quality of life... and to us so that we can do more and more operations like this?

Here's how to make a DONATION (payment reference PIROSKA)



May 2021