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Trani, Puglia: senseless death of a horse. We are ready to report this


This nightmare accident occurred on July 6, 2020.To date we have only been able to piece together the facts via local sources: it seems a horse pulling a light 2-wheeled gig is said to have been frightened by a passing lorry causing it to bolt. It apparently put a foot into an open manhole, and crashed heavily into a lamppost.
The relevant police and veterinary authorities were summoned and the vet from the Barletta ASL euthanised the very badly injured horse.

We say ‘it seems’ and ‘apparently’ because for three weeks we have tirelessly attempted to speak to the local police and to the ASL in order to get a clearer picture, but we are constantly automatically redirected to the main switchboard, without ever being able to actually speak to someone.

We will therefore write an official letter requesting a clear description of what happened, our description being based on the local press accounts which, if correct, raise the very serious issue of responsibility: firstly that of there being open manholes on a city street (apparently due to theft of the covers) without emergency covering, or barricading them off. Secondly, given that these open manholes constitute dangerous traps is obvious, we ask who is responsible for issuing licenses for horse-drawn vehicles to use the road, instead of banning such a thing on grounds of protecting the safety and welfare of horses?

We do not as yet know whether the carriage was being used privately or for tourist trips.
If we do not receive a satisfactory response from the Comune and from the ASL, we will direct our request for information to the magistrature.